Joel M. Gonzales

Board President & Executive Director

Joel M. Gonzales is an award-winning film producer and founder of Action Faith Media and Untold Content.

Joel lives by the servant leader mindset. He is an entrepreneur and an award-winning filmmaker with an extensive background in business, marketing, and film production. Joel has proudly served as the Executive Director and President of Nosotros for 12 years.

Since becoming President of Nosotros, he successfully led key initiatives that have resulted in Nosotros establishing itself once again as a present and active advocate and incubator for Latinos and other marginalized groups in entertainment. Most recently, together with the executive team, they re-launched the prestigious Nosotros Golden Eagle Awards, first introduced by Nosotros founder Ricardo Montalbán on August 16, 1970 at the Hollywood Bowl. This ground-breaking and first-of-its kind “Latino” award show, was attended by many iconic celebrity guests such as Desi Arnaz, Rita Moreno, Anthony Quinn, Lucille Ball, Charleston Heston, and even Frank Sinatra.