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Attention Latinx Actors

Actor Submissions Now Open

We are currently seeking actor self-tape submissions for our upcoming 2nd Annual Ya Tu Sabes Monologue Slam presented by NBC. All Latinx actors, gender fluid and non-conforming, including people with disabilities, from around the world are encouraged to submit.



The top (12) monologues and top (12) Actors will be announced October 2,2020.

Actors will have to download the top 25 monologues PDF booklet.
Actors will then self-tape (up to 2 Monologues per self-tape submission).
Actors will submit through Film Freeway

Self-Tape to include: 
– (1) Intro Slate with your Name, Location, Title of approved monologues you are performing

1) Self tape submissions will begin AUGUST 4,2020.
2) Deadline for Actor self-tape submission will be September 4, 2020 at 11:59pm PST.
3) Any self-tape submission submitted that is not from the provided top 25 will be disqualified. No refund will be offered.

Please read the following guidelines below carefully to ensure that your monologue meets the requirements and will be reviewed by our Celebrity Selection Council:

  • Make sure your Film Freeway profile includes your head-shot and short bio.
    • If selected, your information will be included in a public announcement via our social media, newsletters, various studio/network platforms, and our event program. 
  • You may choose up to 2 monologues to self-tape from the list of top 25 monologues (downloadable PDF included below) 
    • Monologues are organized by genre categories (comedy, drama, and dramedies.), select any two monologues that you best identify with or are appropriate for you. 
  • Be off-book but you may hold your printed monologues just in case they are needed.
  • Monologues should have a clear sense of Character, Setting, and Incident
    • Who is your character?
    • Where is your character at? 
    • What situation is your character in?
    • What is your character’s goal?
  • Include a slate at the beginning of your audition.
    • Make sure to tell us your name, what city you are based in, Title of approved monologues you are performing
  • Your two monologues and slate should all be edited into one video.
    • Please label your self-tape as follows: First andLast Name_City_Ya Tu Sabes (Example: Jane Doe_LA_Ya Tu Sabes)
    • Submission should not exceed a total of 5 mins. 
    • Start your monologue at the begining
    • Shortening the Monologue’s to fit the allowed maximum time: Cut/End where you feel you can add a definitive end where you feel it is best for the piece/performance.


  • Use a tripod to secure your phone or camera so you have a steady shot. 
  • Make sure to record your video audition horizontally and not vertically.
  • Frame yourself in a medium shot. The bottom of the image should hit around your chest and make sure to leave a little bit of space above your head.
  • Please have good lighting (ring light, filming lights, natural lighting, etc.). We want to be able to see you clearly. 
  • Be sure your sound is working and that we can hear you clearly. 
  • Please keep your wardrobe simple, but make sure it hints at something your character might wear. If the script calls for a specific wardrobe, do your best to wear something as close to it as possible. 
  • Feel free to either sit or stand for your audition. It all depends on what the scene calls for. 

Top 12 Actors 

  • Official Announcement by Nosotros and Affiliated Partners via Social Media and Newsletter Platforms
  • Acknowledgement in the Ya Tu Sabes Event Program 
  • Headshot, Bio, and Monologue Performance will be Included in a Digital Talent Package Distributed All Networks and Studios in Hollywood

AUDIENCE CHOICE WINNING ACTOR (Audience votes during event)
All Items Included Above plus:

  • Wardrobe or Glam budget ($500)
  • Resume/Reel Consultation by an NBC Executive
  • New Head-shots by Photographer Jean Paul San Pedro ($750)
  • Tuition for 3 months acting/improv training courses at the studio of their choice ($1350)
  • General Meetings  NBC/ UTV/ UCP / FEATURES Casting execs (based on avail)
  • General Meetings with select NBCU Independent casting directors (based on avail)
  • Private audition coaching for any NBCU/Peacock/UCP auditions they receive ($600)
  • Be Included in a Digital Talent Package Distributed To All Networks and Studios in Hollywood.

Once you are ready submit you self-tape via Film Freeway here: