May Masterclass: Developing Memorable Characters with Charo Toledo


Class Takeaways:
Free writing to spark your imagination
How to write an unforgettable Latinx fictional character from an existing premise
Techniques to move through a writer’s block

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Stories define reality. In Hollywood, it is rare to find a show or film that truly reflects who we are as bicultural Latinos. When I was acting, the only parts for Latinas were maids and prostitutes. Unfortunately, these tropes still follow us today. The lack of authentic characters in Hollywood is the main reason why I stopped acting and wrote my first play, The Princess Within. TPW was a series of monologues – detailing the different personalities I developed from the different men I dated. Writing monologues is a fun, short way for performers and young writers to dip their toes in the writing pool. We can’t ask others to tell our authentic Latinx stories. We must be empowered by telling our own.

This master class will allow the participants to write a memorable 60-second monologue from his/her/their unique Latinx perspective.