Masterclass: Booking a Co-Star With E.A.S.E.


1) Go from cold to confident in five minutes!
2) Find the beginning, middle, and end of every scene!
3) Know your job and leave the rest to the reader!



E.A.S.E. will deconstruct and demystify the type of audition all beginner, intermediate, and experienced actors fuss over the most: the dreaded costar! Whether it’s four words, four lines, or four pages, E.A.S.E will take the guessing game out of how much or how little an actor should do in front of the camera, and it will also help remove the psychological burden of “impressing the casting director.” Keep in mind this is NOT a class on acting. It is a class on approaching, a process that will teach the actor how to stand out in the audition room while also blending into the scene.