Giving Yourself The Green Light: How To Crowdfund Your Next Project


Class Takeaways:

1. Understanding crowdfunding

2. Building a team

3. Creating a powerful through line

4. Create an effective pitch video and campaign page

Filmmakers and Content Creators let’s go!!!

Fanny and Avenida have helped raise millions of dollars for hundreds of projects. They are committed to making the entertainment industry a more inclusive space. Their platform stands out because it provides access to professional coaching on your terms with one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Heads Up: You will receive the Masterclass Zoom link the day before and 2 hours before class. 

12 pm on the 31st is the deadline to sign up for the class!





  1. Understanding Crowdfunding
  2. Building a team
  3. Creating a powerful through line
  4. Create an effective pitch video and campaign page

Fanny Véliz Grande is an award-winning filmmaker, actor, and director with more than 14 years of experience in the business. Grande has worked in both traditional and digital media for a vast array of brands, including Ford and Nissan. She also produced two seasons of the TV show “Doctor Vet” for National Geographic which aired in the U. S. and all over Latin America.

A two-time Imagen Award nominee, she has received several recognitions for her work both in front and behind the camera

One of her latest projects is her award-winning feature film HOMEBOUND which received a theatrical release and numerous awards and traveled the country as well as abroad. Throughout the years, she has learned the ins and outs of creating a project from scratch and using non-traditional methods to fund, produce, and distribute. She’s bringing that knowledge to her clients at Avenida Productions.